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Mani Kaur



Today we have Asian singer and model Mani Kaur in the studio. Here's a sneak peak of some of the images straight off camera. I'll upload the complete and finalised version soon.




Its rare nowadays for myself to shoot still objects so as i had a few hours spare today, i thought i'd experiment with a spot of product photography. And what better to use than a few pairs of my beloved Adidas trainers. For those that don't know, I'm rather obsessed with Adidas originals and now own some 20+ pairs. And my obsession only started 8 months ago...YIKES!! Below we have the Adidas 2015 Spring/Summer Island releases (Samoa, Hawaii and Tahiti) and the collage is the Jamaica's from the 2015 Autumn/Winter release.

Adios Tantalise Presents Palava



What an absolute pleasure it has been to be part of the Tantalise Presents Palava family over the past few years. No doubt the best party Solihull has ever witnessed and will probably ever witness. Tonight see's the last party. Thanks to Steve, Jon and Ash for letting me be part of it and capture the past 5 years on camera. Respect to all the DJ's, artists and entertainment, its been monumental. Its going to be a sad moment when that last beat fades out but for one last time... See you on the dance floor!

Ibiza work



Capturing Graham Sahara at Pacha last summer (Im on the right. Photo credit: DJ Awards)

Seeing double



NEW YORK NEW YORK!! Planning my next trip to the big apple...

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